TP Financial Advantage specializes in wealth protection and investments, assisting you to achieve your financial goals throughout your life stages.

Here at TP we have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and achieving excellent results!

Our job is to help YOU!


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Tony Perich

Introducing Tony Perich


Tony has been in the finance industry for over 20 years, with the last 14 years as a financial planner running his own business. Tony is happily married, likes to keep fit and has a real passion for soccer.
As a financial planner, Tony focuses on service, results and only using products that he believes in.



How we can help you


Our service is designed to suit your needs and achieve your financial goals. We offer all the standard financial products and services such as superannuation structuring, retirement planning, wealth creation strategies, income protection plans, etc, but we also offer to:


• Listen

• Advise

• Communicate and

• Act.