Investing In Retirement

Living Your Ideal Life In Retirement


It’s no surprise that most of us spend our working lives longing for the day when we can retire and do whatever we want.

Wake up late, not worry about the stress of work, travel around Australia; these are some of the things people dreamily tell us, but unless you plan for your retirement dream, it won’t come true.


Easing into retirement


Transition to Retirement Strategy: The Government has introduced a scheme to allow people who have reached the official age of retirement (55 for most people). This scheme enables you to slowly transition into retirement and the associated loss of income by continuing to work reduced hours and draw from your super fund as a way to supplement your income.


As you grow older and consider working less, the amount you can draw gradually increases; first to supplement your income and then gradually replace it altogether.


Even if you are not quite ready to let go of full-time employment, you can use a transition to retirement strategy to free up cash flow and give your retirement saving a real boost in the final lead up to retirement.


Superannuation and retirement income streams


Once you’ve reached the age and stage in life when it’s time to call it quits and fully retire, it’s important to have your finances organised appropriately.


A number of different investment options are available depending on exactly what you want to achieve in retirement. The major difference for you now is to convert all or part of your investment savings into a reliable and efficient income stream with as many tax breaks as you can get.


For most people, superannuation remains the most attractive investment vehicle from a tax perspective.  At TP Financial  we continue to monitor and manage the changes and update your strategies to continue to focus on the best outcome for clients.


Budgeting for a successful retirement


More often than not, your income in retirement is not going to compare with the income you earned while working. Therefore, you need to make lifestyle adjustments to deal with the reduced income.


We can help you plan a retirement budget that allows you to go off and do what you want to do at retirement – like that big holiday you have been promising yourself and still enjoy some of the treats you had while working.


Budgeting in retirement is quite different compared to being at work and it needs to take into account both today and the long term. Your next egg has to go the distance. 


How to get started


We’re here to help you secure the retirement lifestyle in retirement that you deserve through informed financial decisions.

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